Local Cuisine

The local cuisine, typical from the Northeast Brazil, has its origins and influential, on its first inhabitants- the “Potiguar” native Indians, after, the arrival of the Portuguese Colonization and consequently the Africa cuisine came to Brazil by the African slavers brought by the Portuguese, for the hard labor on the Sugar Cane and Coco plantations, and for the commerce of  “Pau Brazil”.

So,from this diverse gastronomic legacy, comes a combination of flavors, from a wide variety of its fresh and exotic ingredients, most based on natural produces such herbs and spices, tropical fruits and vegetables, fresh fish ,and shellfish, from its large abundant rivers and vast Ocean.

From the “Potiguar Indians” (locally called “Prawns Eaters”, based on its original diet) – we inherit dishes of shellfish, as lobster and crabs and most especially “Prawns – Camaroes”, served in a traditional way with “Mandioca”, that afterwards was mixed with others more exotic ingredients from Africa, and Indian spices, resulted into delicious but exotic dishes such as “Moquecas” and Stews, enriched by pepper and spices, and blended and enriched , Palm tree oil.

From the Portuguese, came the healthful dishes of meat and vegetables stews, olive oils, rice and beans, and Indian spices such clove and cinnamon. They also brought a large variety of sweets and desserts, later transformed with more exotic ingredients, for more tropical desserts such as ” Cocadas” ” Pé de Moleque” and ” Quindim”.

From the remote interior of Northeast Brazil, come other very traditional cooking, such the famous ” Carne do Sol” , prepared on a traditional way with “Pilão” , enriched by butter from “sertão”, “farofa”, “macaxeira” and “Feijão verde”, garnish with local bananas.

Some of this dishes can be sample in Restaurants nearby, but most especially, at the “all day Menu” of dishes and snacks, at the KANA POUSADA DE CHARME.

In South Litoral Coast road of Natal, in the route "Rota do Sol", at 30 minutes by buggy (4 x 4) from the famous Pipa Beach.