The city of Natal, is the state capital of the Rio Grande do Norte, and its historical City Center, is located at just 24km, from ” Kana Pousada de Charme”.

The City is famous, for its natural beauties and tropical beaches , calm seas ,some protected with a natural coral reefs, and its Natural Parks, such the ” Parque das Dunas – Dunes Natural Park”” Via Costeira”, “Ponta Negra beach” and” Morro do Careca”. Average temperature around 27 degrees centigrade, all year round, and warm ocean seawaters ,at 27 degrees on average.

Natal, was founded by the Portuguese, in 1598,on the 25th December, Christmas day, which gave the original name to this new discovery, for this Portuguese colony.The City Center, still preserve, most of the main buildings, with its Colonial Portuguese Architecture, such as the first building ” O Forte dos Reis Magos,” at the mouth of the River Potengi.

Today, the city has developed, into a modern city, yet very small for Brasilstandard ,with only around 800 thousand inhabitants.There are new large avenues, planted with large trees, and local tropical flora, new modern buildings, but the city is very well, preserved and contained by its Natural barriers, full of Green and Dunes, by its Natural Parks (Parque das Dunas and Morro do Careca) the River Potengi, the white Dunes, and the blue, sometimes jade green ocean.

With a very sunny climate all year around,which gives Natal, the denomination of ” Anoiva do Sol” The Bride of the Sun”, Natal, has also been classified by the “City with de most pure air the Americas” by Nasa ( which still keeps an observation point, at the ” Barreira do Inferno ” south of the City, another Natural Park belonging to the Brasil Navy).

However, now a days, there are some typical ” Nordestina” night life , in the top of PontaNegra , with its typical small restaurants and bars, frequented by locals, where most of the bares , small restaurants and craft shops, are made with old traditional building techniques , such as walls of clay, and” Cipó” wood, where you can eat & dance ate the sound of local bands with lots of ” Forró” – the typical and happy Northeast Music.

For more sophistical and modern dinning, there are other Restaurants in town, famous from the Seafood( local Prawns &Lobsters) , and the Charcoal Grill dishes such as ” Picanha”.

For Shopping lovers , apart from the modern and large shopping Center such Midway Mall, there others , such Natal Shopping, and Praia Shopping, there are several traditional ” Craft Markets” , all near with easy location and access.

On the more cultural side, and for “Theatre Lovers” , there the Old and historic ” Teatro Alberto Maranhão, in the old City Centre and the newest and elegant ” TeatroRiachuelo” in the Midway Mall Shopping, which feature Brasil Shows and Music.

For more information about the historic City of Natal, and its surroundings, please consult the Tourism sites of Natal and Parnamirim.

In South Litoral Coast road of Natal, in the route "Rota do Sol", at 30 minutes by buggy (4 x 4) from the famous Pipa Beach.