Environment Polices

Since its conception and construction, that was a result of a major reform and enlargement of the existing main beach house, the owners, maintained a policy of great care and importance for the preservation of the local environment and Nature.

From an architecture view point, the main style of the house was maintained, and the new building areas were constructed to the same style. Care by the proprietors was present at all times to maintain all local trees and flora (mainly Coconut Palm Trees) , already in place on its grounds, as well as to maintained the natural inclination of the terrain ,which at the end , provides great and magnificent sea views to the sandy beach below.

The main purpose of this policy was to adopt the construction of the” Inn”,, to the natural geographic use of the terrain, and not the contrary, as it is, sadly, often the case on the majority of new leisure projects.

As an environment conscious persons, the owners took several measures to ensure the preservation of natural resources, to be in harmony with nature, and in order to minimize the impact to nature, other measures were taken , such as:

Solar Panels Ecologic Energy was installed to provide all hot water necessities of the Inn.

Energy saving lamps and devises and led lights were used for lighting the house, rooms, and gardens.

All bathrooms are provided with sanitary modern design to save water consumption.

Rain water is used to water the grounds, and vegetable plot.

Introduction of recycling waste policies.

Priority was taken for the use of natural and certificated natural materials, such wood and natural stones, in the main construction, rooms decoration and gardens.

The majority of its furniture,some designed by the owners was produced by local craftsman, still using traditional methods.

Further, we have encourage the participation of the local people, providing training and job opportunities to the local, friendly , community.

In South Litoral Coast road of Natal, in the route "Rota do Sol", at 30 minutes by buggy (4 x 4) from the famous Pipa Beach.